Elevate Your Event with FREE Promo Videos This Month!

Promotional Offer

Free Promo Services for your event!!

This is a 100% complementary (aka FREE🫢) value add campaign launch for our meeting & event planner partnerships…… valued at over $45,000!

*Please Note* Due to time & resources we only be able to execute three (3) campaigns per quarter.

In the dynamic world of corporate event planning, orchestrating a successful event involves a delicate dance of creativity, engagement, and promotion. One very often-overlooked gem in the event planner’s toolkit is the potential synergy between booked keynote event entertainment and promotional efforts! The sheer scale and complexity of corporate events often require extensive promotional efforts across various channels, including social media, email marketing, and traditional advertising.

Multiples Management in conjunction with its world-renowned Corporate Keynote Performer Team is now offering strategic event promotional partnerships, exclusively with and for our meeting planner partners- COMPLETELY COMPLEMENTARY! Our promotional services seamlessly integrate with our partnerships, ensuring meeting planners receive exceptional, customized & tailored support that goes beyond normal booking expectations!

What promotional magic tricks do we have up our sleeve you ask?

Below is just a small preview.

1. Captivating Content
2. Social Media Spectacle
3. Personalized Promotion
4. Exclusive Experiences
5. Live Previews and Teasers

By combining these proven methods and tailoring your promotional approach to your target audience, you will effectively increase overall attendance by 46.2% (proven) and make your corporate event a resounding success thus allowing us to make you look like a Rock Star!!