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Blake Vogt is a magician, creator, consultant, and performer. He has created magic for David Copperfield, David Blaine, Kanye West, and Neil Patrick Harris, and was a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. Blake has performed on Ellen and The Late Late Show with James Corden, trained the cast for Marvel films as well as Now You See Me, and invented many of the most popular tricks in magic.

His story, unique approach to creativity, and — of course — unbelievable magic make for an unforgettable experience for your guests. He’s not just a speaker — he’s an amazing performer and magician, who happens to have an incredible, inspiring story of overcoming the impossible.

Blake has been a featured performer for events held by global investment companies, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, and marketing companies. He has been hired to work creatively with Chevrolet, Marvel, NBC, ABC, Lionsgate, Netflix, State Farm, Disney, Fox, and the Discovery Channel.

He will create magic specifically for your event, incorporating your themes into his presentation in incredible ways.


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Corporate Event Performer

Hire Blake to perform for your event either on stage or up close. He will work to put on a show your audience will never forget. The show includes lots of audience participation and will leave your guests questioning if magic is actually real. Blake’s close-up sleight of hand magic is also the best in the world. If you have him walk around your event, you will witness playing cards flying from hand to hand and things happening right under your nose that you would swear is absolutely impossible.

Keynote Speaker

Blake Vogt delivers a keynote that chronicles his magical journey from youthful curiosity to global recognition. Blake shares the pivotal moments of his career, from defying a professor’s skepticism to collaborating with magic’s elites like David Copperfield, and influencing Hollywood’s magic on screen. He introduces his “Bad Ideas” theory, illustrating innovative problem-solving that transcends industry boundaries. Through personal anecdotes and live magic, Blake challenges audiences to pursue their unique visions against all odds, concluding with a breathtaking illusion that embodies the power of achieving the impossible.

Blake Vogt

Blake Vogt

World Class Magician
Corporate Performer • Keynote Speaker

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