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David Kristopher—

An American illusionist, David is celebrated for his captivating performances that enthrall audiences globally. Starting magic at seven and performing professionally by twelve, he honed his craft in Las Vegas, studying under the world’s most renowned magicians.

His performances are not just limited to stage shows; David has also made a mark at corporate events and private celebrity events, including the Sundance Film Festival, captivating notable figures like 50 Cent, Joel Schumacher, members of the Los Angeles Lakers, and Shaquille O’Neal.

He’s a favorite among event bookers, Fortune 500 companies, top CEOs, and Hollywood stars, delivering unforgettable experiences with his illusionist skills. He’s recognized for integrating client branding into his magic (referred to as (“Brand Magic”), enhancing corporate events with a blend of entertainment and company messaging.

His versatility allows him to tailor his performances for diverse audiences, whether it’s a large stage show or an intimate close-up magic setting.

  • “Utah’s Top Illusionist” -City Weekly


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Trade Shows

Forget boring brochures and static displays – elevate your trade show experience with the mesmerizing power of Brand Magic by David Kristopher. As a highly sought-after trade show magician, David doesn’t just entertain your customers; he engages them in an interactive spectacle that leaves them talking and your brand deeply embedded in their memories.

Corporate Events

Imagine the gasps of amazement, the delighted chuckles, the shared wonder as David Kristopher, the region’s premier corporate illusionist, weaves his magic through your next event. Whether it’s your corporate event, a high-stakes sales meeting, or a VIP hospitality suite, David’s captivating illusions add a touch of mystery and excitement that leaves audiences spellbound.

Private Events

What’s better than seeing your guests’ faces bathed in the glow of wonder? Let David Kristopher, a renowned entertainer, known for electrifying the hottest clubs, celebrity events, and restaurants across the globe, take your private event to a whole new level. Give your guests the experience of a lifetime.

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