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Jay Jay is a highly in-demand international and multifaceted pickpocket, corporate performer, and entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience fascinating audiences worldwide.

His journey began in 2004 as a pickpocket and magician, but his pivot to teaching tricks on YouTube launched his career. With over 57 million views on his channel, Jay’s expertise in leveraging media and PR has made him a sought-after speaker worldwide.

Jay’s speeches are dynamic and transformative, tailored to inspire action and confidence. His ability to blend entertainment with educational content makes him an exceptional pick for events seeking to energize and empower attendees.

Clients from around the world praise Jay Jay’s influence and expertise. Having delivered performances in over 25 countries, Jay Jay’s client roster reads like a who’s who of global enterprises. His work has led clients to achieve higher fees, sell more products, and secure more speaking engagements. The testimonials he’s received underscore his impact on personal and professional growth, making him an invaluable addition to any event​.

When you book Jay Jay, you guarantee an experience that will thrill, motivate, and leave a lasting impact. His passion for delivering excellence means your event will reach new heights. If you seek a speaker who will capture attention, inspire action, and drive results, look no further than Jay Jay.


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Corporate Events

Jay Jay brings a unique fusion of magic, humor, and expertise to corporate events, ensuring an engaging and memorable experience. His approach goes beyond entertainment; he integrates your brand, key messages, and themes into his performances. He makes your vip’s shine and positions you as the hero of a successful event. His adaptability and ability to respond to the audience’s pulse guarantees a seamless and impactful event. Trust Jay Jay to transform your corporate gatherings into extraordinary experiences, as he has done for hundreds of global clients across various industries.

Keynote Speaking

In a world brimming with distractions, Jay Jay stands out as a keynote speaker who captivates and retains the attention of leaders and employees alike. His talks are not just informative but transformational, blending personal branding insights with an entertaining delivery that resonates with diverse audiences. He focuses on strengthening the ability to connect – both within teams and with clients. Jay Jay’s keynote speeches are designed to leave a lasting impact, empowering attendees with strategies to elevate their personal and professional presence in any setting.

Master of Ceremonies

As a Master of Ceremonies, Jay Jay brings his charm, wit, and a touch of magic to ensure your event flows smoothly and memorably. His experience in engaging audiences of all sizes makes him the perfect choice to host your awards nights, product launches, or business events. Jay Jay’s ability to intertwine humor and key messages while keeping the audience energized is what sets him apart, making every event he hosts a standout success.






“He’ll Steal Your Watch and Steal The Show!


Jay Jay

Jay Jay

Pick Pocket
Corporate Performer • Keynote Speaker


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