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Max Major—

Presently, the world’s most-followed mentalist and sought-after corporate performer, Max Major, delivers next-level trailblazing performance and state-of-the-art acts for audiences like yours worldwide.

Recognized for his mind-blowing viral videos, captivating TV appearances, and unforgettable performances. Max has amassed over 1 billion views worldwide, making him The Most Followed Mentalist on the planet​.

His groundbreaking performances have been meticulously perfected over 2500 live events and shows, stunning audiences like yours, including corporate giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google​.

His remarkable journey includes being a breakout star on America’s Got Talent Season 15, where he was the first ever to advance from an online audition to the finals. Simon Cowell hailed his act as “one of the most astonishing things I’ve seen in my entire life”​. Since then, he has amazed the likes of Al Roker, Richard Branson, Heidi Klum, and corporate audiences worldwide!


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Corporate Events

Book Max Major for private events or your corporate meetings, conferences, or conventions to make an enduring impact on your guests. Stand out for your ability to book top talent. Your audience, along with your boss, will be thanking you!

Keynote Speaking

Imagine possessing the power to effortlessly understand your colleagues’ or clients’ inner thoughts! Max’s captivating keynotes unlock this ability, blending over two decades of expertise in Mentalism and hypnosis with practical office strategies. You’ll master the art of reading people and wield influence like a pro, ensuring every interaction is strategically in your favor.


Mentalist Max Major is an expert in perception, intuition, and reading people!

Al Roker,


“One of the most astonishing things I’ve seen in my entire life”

Simon Cowell,

America’s Got Talent

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