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Rodney Reyes stands out as one of America’s premier corporate magicians and mentalists, known for his creative and modern style of magic that combines eye-catching visuals with his witty personality.

His career began in the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas, where he quickly made a name for himself, performing at clubs and special events, and collaborating with top event producers to entertain celebrities and diverse audiences.

Rodney’s magic is not just limited to the stage; he specializes in transforming corporate events into unforgettable experiences. Whether acting as the Master of Ceremonies, performing stage magic for large audiences, or engaging guests with strolling magic, his shows are tailored to meet the specific needs of each event. His ability to integrate a company’s brand message into his performances makes him a favorite among businesses looking to leave a lasting impression on their clients and staff.

Available for booking across major U.S. cities like New York, California, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, Rodney Reyes is a sought-after entertainer who promises to turn any corporate event into a magical and memorable experience


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Trade Shows

Planning your trade show or convention booth? Imagine adding a spellbinding twist that not only draws crowds but also seamlessly weaves your brand’s message into captivating magic. Enter Rodney Reyes, a master at turning trade show aisles into stages of wonder. With years of experience, Reyes specializes in attracting and engaging audiences, transforming passersby into potential clients, all while highlighting your brand.

Corporate Events

Rodney’s performances promise to turn an ordinary evening into a thrilling and magical experience. Tailored to fit any corporate setting, from black-tie galas, or conventions, to casual office parties, Reyes’ magic brings wonder your guest won’t forget by engaging your audience and transcending the everyday usual event experience.

Private Events

Imagine transforming your next private party into a mesmerizing escapade from reality with Rodney Reyes Live. No matter the size of your gathering, from intimate bachelorette parties to grand birthday celebrations, Rodney Reyes ensures a unique, thrilling, and memorable event.


“Rodney is Amazing. Our VIP Clients are still raving about his show!” 

Justin C,

Security Manager,

“Best Magician I have ever seen!”

Stefan K,

CEO Red Bull North America, inc.

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